Vital importance of the Silk Road through Syria



Transport Minister Ali Hammoud discussed with Chinese Ambassador to Damascus “Feng Biao” means of developing cooperation relations between the two countries and upgrading them through vital transportation projects.

Minister Hamoud made a presentation on the importance of Syria’s geographic location as a link between the three continents of the world by land, sea and air. The importance that China and the peoples of the world can get through the Silk Road via Syria instead of traveling through neighboring countries and the time, In addition, the ancient ancestors of Syria and China chose Syria as an important station on the ancient Silk Road.

The Minister also urged the necessity of encouraging and motivating Chinese companies, businessmen and investors to study projects related to the transport sectors in Syria, including the establishment of a maritime industries city between Tartous and Lattakia, and the implementation of international roads such as North-South and East- And the suburban train project linking the city of Damascus to the surrounding areas.

For his part, the Chinese ambassador presented a vision for possible investment in the transport sectors and stressed the need to increase trade exchange with China and its participation in reconstruction, indicating his intention to invite Chinese companies to invest in the next phase.

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