/ 74/ new production lines launched to meet market demand




The Ministry of Industry in Syria resumed 74 lines and production machines to work again, in order to meet the need of the local market for products at a competitive price, and even work to export the surplus.

The Ministry, headed by the Council of Ministers, addressed, through a book, indicating that new lines and production machines were used in the chemical, textile, engineering, cement, and food sectors during the current year 2020.

The book pointed out that this measure has provided the public treasury with additional resources, stopping the depletion of government resources by taking measures to increase the number of profitable public companies, and reducing the number of losing and marginal companies.

The number of winners reached more than 40 companies, after last year they were 31 companies, modern companies have shrunk to 7 out of 14 companies, and losers 11 companies after they were 13 companies.

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