General conference for National Renewable Energy Strategy




The Ministry of Electricity obtained the government’s approval to adopt the national renewable energy strategy, which is the main starting point for this project.

According to a memorandum issued by the Ministry of Electricity, the Syrian Investment Authority started the initial preparations for holding a general and expanded conference for the national renewable energies strategy, with the aim of promoting the national strategy for renewable energies until 2030, encouraging investment in it, finding legal formulas and technical mechanisms, optimal financing opportunities to achieve the goals of this strategy.

The memorandum indicates that the conference to be held after a month at the latest includes three axes related to the future of the energy sector, through which global and local challenges facing it will be discussed, and the definition of the national strategy for investment in renewable energies, the costs of securing energy carriers from electricity and oil derivatives, and comparison between projects EPC and BOO, the National Technology and Innovation Policy and the role of scientific research in renewable energy in addition to investment related topics.

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